Welcome to Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project. Pretty Things is an idea, not a brewery. We are a two-person company based in Somerville, MA. Twice a week (or so), we brew our beers at Buzzards Bay Brewery in Westport, MA. We bring you beers that are truly of our own making.

Jack D’Or, our flagship beer, is the mournful grain of barley you can see to the left. He is the soul of beer, nature’s magician, creating sugar from starch and bringing together the Pretty Things. One of the most joyful transformations in nature, better than any rabbit from a hat, beer is the result.
Cheers from us to you!

Martha and Dann

Monday Update!

Hello Pretty people, I’ll start off by saying this isn’t Martha or Dann. My name is Alex Wilking. The folks at Pretty Things are busy brewing great beer, so I’ll… read more.

Autumnal Comforts

Yes, it’s happening. Those hot muggy days are drifting away and being replaced by mornings where you consider unearthing your slippers. It’s a beautiful time of year, but one that… read more.

Here comes a bit more summer for you-hoo!

Today we are shipping a Brand New Double IPA, called “Hopfenpop” and also our old favourite, mixed grain harvest time saison, Field Mouse’s Farewell. Hopefully these will start hitting shelves… read more.

New Online Store!

Check out our new online shop: all sorts of T shirts, hoodies, hats, totes and even our new glassware! All shipped for free with stickers and other goodies. Use this… read more.

Welcome Back Fringe APA

  By now most of you know how our company is set-up right?  We are two people and we rent brewery space from Buzzard’s Bay Brewery in Westport, MA.  Martha… read more.

Picnic at Burton

Even the most recent convert to home brewing knows the word Burton has something to do with beer. But what? Why do we keep hearing that word “Burton”? What is… read more.

Your New Papa

More Beardy Beer! You may have drunk our Russian Imperial Stout, “Barbapapa”, inspired by the British traditional beer specially brewed for Catherine II of Russia. This beer lies at the… read more.

A Walk Through Flowerland

The first new beer of 2015 is a smallish, one-off batch of around 50 barrels called “Flowerland”. You may have heard how difficult is has become for brewers to acquire… read more.

The Bunnies Are Coming…

It’s been a snowy, chilly old time in the brewery of late. But we have 22 days until Spring, and brewing beer takes a month or so, and we’re optimists,… read more.

Lovely St Winefride is back!

Some of you may remember that we brewed a brown lager a couple of years ago. Well, we did it again! We brew this beer before Christmas, and it ferments… read more.

More Hoppiness from Pretty Things

Over the years we’ve made a little name for ourselves in the Boston-area for making malty, traditional and historic beers.  Lately we’ve added a few hoppy beers: Meadowlark IPA, a… read more.

Bocky Bier hitting shelves now.

    What? Who? What?  The answer to all these questions is “YES”! Allow us to introduce you to the best friend of Pretty Things, Jim “Bocky” Barnes. He was… read more.

“Le Cose Bella” in Tuscany

It’s rare that we get the opportunity to take our beers to a completely new audience, but when we were invited to pour our beers at the Villagio Della Birra… read more.

The Fieldmouse is back!

Yes, it’s late summer. Not fall yet, no siree bob, but summer is full-on and blooming. The harvest is ripening and it’s that time of year when people start to… read more.

There’s No Place Like There

I’m here to tell you about our latest brewing collaboration effort (number four if you’re counting).  Can you name the previous three?  If you can name the first three and be… read more.

Pretty Things Beer & Taco Project

Join Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project for our first ever “BEER & TACO” Project at VeeVee in Jamaica Plain, Tuesday, April 22nd. 4 beers, 4 tacos – try a… read more.